Everything you need to know for our upcoming 2024 recital. On-stage performances teach adaptability, perseverance, pride, confidence, creative thinking, and collaboration.


May 17 – 19, 2024

Central Middle School (8025 School Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344)

Recital Hair & Make-Up

View our Recital look website here!

Recital Day

Your one stop shop for all things you will need to know on recital day at

**Please note: During the finale at each recital, we will be using a confetti canon to signal the end of our show. All dancers will participate in the finale and we practice this in class! We inform dancers of the loud noise / confetti, but we understand it can be alarming for some dancers. Please reach out to if your dancer will require sound cancelling headphones or to sit with a teacher at the recital.

Recital Video

All Recreational dancers will be billed a $25 all-access media fee per family (April 1) and this will include the digital download of the recital video! A link to the videos will be shared with families this summer once the footage is completed.

We are excited to welcome Mr. Video (30+ years of professional media experience) back to film the Platinum stage! We are grateful for such a generous offer at only $25/family where most companies no longer offer individual sales due to the ease of sharing videos. Thank you Mr. Video!

Performance Team & Competition families will not be billed.

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Recital FAQs

Do I need to buy a ticket for my dancer?

>>> No! Dancers do not need a ticket to participate in the recital.

Do I need to be backstage with my dancer?

>>> One parent per dancer will drop off their dancer in the dressing room before the show. Following the finale, one parent per dancer will pick up their dancer in the dressing room. We will have plenty of Platinum staff and Parent Volunteers in dressing rooms and backstage.

What do I do if my dancer is in multiple dances in the same recital?

>>> Your dancer will meet in the dressing room of the first dance with all of their belongings. We have staff and parent volunteers who will help your dancer change their costume and shoes for the next performance. During picture week, your dancer will be able to change their costume in our studio dressing rooms with your help.


Show Assignments & Orders

Saturday, May 18

Dancer Arrival Time: 30 minutes prior to showtime!

Each show will last approximately 60 minutes.
10:00 AM: Saturday Classes | BLUE Show
1:00 PM: Wednesday Classes | YELLOW Show
4:00 PM: Thursday & Fri Classes | PINK Show

Sunday, May 19

Dancer Arrival Time: 30 minutes prior to showtime!

Each show will last approximately 60 minutes.
12:00 PM: Monday Classes | PURPLE Show
3:00 PM: Tuesday Classes | ORANGE Show



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Souvenirs - Pre-orders closed, but limited inventory available!!

For souvenir sales, visit

Order the Recital Package by April 14 to receive early ticket access!

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Tickets - ON SALE NOW!

View all ticket information on our ticket website -

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Dress Rehearsals (May 6-11) - COMPLETED!

For all dress rehearsal information, visit our website -

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Recital Extras (Dad's Dance, Volunteers & 5/10 year awards)

Dad's Dance is BACK! Sign up HERE

Parent Volunteers Sign up - Sign up HERE

How do I ensure my dancer receives a trophy for their 5th or 10th recital? - Fill out the form HERE

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Recital Practice Music & Videos

You can find your dancer’s recital song(s) and practice video(s) in your Parent Portal under “Resources”. Click on your dancer, then the folder icon “Resources”. To view directions via video - check out this great resource > VIDEO

There will be a link to the video and a separate link to the song. Listening to your recital song in the car and at home helps excite and encourage your dancer to enjoy practicing more in class! In addition, practicing at home by watching the video and dancing along will help your dancer shine and feel confident on stage!

All classes have only ONE song and ONE video link for their one recital routine, besides the following classes, which will have two links for their two routines:
Pre-Dance II
Kids Tap/Jazz
Academy & Accelerated Tap/Jazz

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Picture Week (April 8-13) - COMPLETED!

Picture week was April 8 - 13.

View all picture week information at our picture week website -

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All recital costumes have been passed out in class. Please store it hanging up in the covered garment bag.

View pictures of your dancer's costume HERE!

Recital costume FAQs - view HERE!

Dancers will wear their class required shoes - HERE!

***Hip hop dancers have received their shoes***

View Costume Packing List HERE!

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The countdown until SHOWTIME!

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